Welcome to Soundcore

Soundcore is a turnkey service provider which includes every aspect from design to field operation. The company was established in 2010 and acquired Terralog GmbH with all its expertise in the sonic drilling application.

With 20 years of field experience and working for the world’s largest drilling and mining companies we understand what it takes to deliver on a contract. We are a small and competent corporate company specialized in sonic drilling.

The core focus in design is on efficiency and low ecological impact.
Soundcore has the lightest and most power efficient Rotosonic heads in the world. This allows us to equip even small rigs with our sonic systems, reducing costs and consequently environmental impact and CO ² emissions.

We understand drilling to be a country, geology, customer and purpose etc. specific process. Staying abreast with the ever changing conditions we are searching every day together with our clients for best practice solutions.


Meet Our Team

Paul Eisenkolb
Paul EisenkolbDrilling Engineer / CEO

Phone: +49(0)30 71551646

Mobile +49(0)173 6627016

Peter Eisenkolb
Peter EisenkolbTechnical Director

Phone +49(0)8224 7989981

Mobile: +49(0)172 8199718

Tamara Waidele
Tamara WaideleTechnical Support
Stephanie Eisenkolb
Stephanie EisenkolbAdministration

Mobile: +49 (0)174 9248263 

Jamie Kingstone
Jamie KingstoneMechanical & Graphic Designer

Phone: +49 (0)30 43051455

Mobile: + 49(0)172 7615314

Patrick Bouzegaou
Patrick BouzegaouTechnical & Commercial Manager