Sonic drill head

RSG 10    RSG 15     RSG 20

The RSG 10 is our standard Model. It has been used in a variety of applications such as Geotechnical, Environmental, Geothermal etc. The full potential is as usual subject to project as well as geology and drilling diameters. To date we reached depth greater than 60 meters.

Double breakout wrench set

CWS200    DBW200    DBW 250

Double breakout wrenches are a standard feature of most production rigs and especially on sonic rigs due to recovery of high quality cores.The featured model has the option of vertical adjustment to assist in well installations.If several casing strings are in use it is possible to hold onto one or the other provided it starts slipping during drilling.This model can be manufactured in either steel or if weight matters in high tensile aluminium.The mast connector can be altered to your requirements.