CO2 Footprint

As a manufacturer and service provider we understand the responsibility as well as the benefit to keep the CO² emissions to the minimum. Emissions are a waste product and as such an expensive commodity that we have to pay for.

Modern technology provides an enormous amount of “solutions” but not all point in the right direction. Several In-house tests have demonstrated how easy it is to save up to 50% fuel costs if the correct Diesel / Hydraulic system is used for the intended application. Elaborate hydraulic systems create a lot of drag and friction, friction causes heat and our Diesel goes up in smoke.

Virtually any industry is forced to reduce emissions. This can be successfully done by weight reduction. Sonic offers the foundation to produce lighter rigs with more applications. Stress analysis can be simulated on CAD programs to better understand where mass and material is really necessary.

We strive to design rigs with high on and off road capabilities to reduce the need for low beds as well as additional trucks to haul drill pipe and other tooling.

As a service provider we also understand how important it is to maintain a small (CO²) footprint. Not only is this important to our environment but in some cases the only way to drill a hole in a confined area like cities and private homes for geo technical or geothermal projects.

Another important way to improve our CO² footprint is learn from experienced operators and drillers. Not all problems should be handled with horse power but rather with drilling techniques. We offer training courses for specific drilling applications to demonstrate how the technique works most profitable.